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"World Board Games" in Zoshigaya Vol.3!

2018/05/19 Sat 15:00 - 18:00  Currently Sign Up:
Venue: Zoshigaya neighborhood house Toshimaku Zoshigaya 2-22-18

We picked the most intriguing board games and named this event『World Board Games』.
In this event, we will experience many games that has been played all over the world!

For example,

Did you know that popular game "Are You a Werewolf" was made in Russia?
In this game, villagers will figure out who are werewolves as they are pretend to be on the villager team.
Let's travel vicariously through playing international board games!

We have a saying that goes "Yesterday's enemy is today's friend" in Japanese.
As time passes, we are sure participants will be really close.
・We will provide snacks.
・We will explain the rules of these games. Please feel free to join even if you don't know these games.
・Games will be mainly held by English&Japanese. We will explain to those who can't speak both languages^^

Joining fee: 1000 yen

Participants will be divided to two teams: villager&werewolf.
Villager team will try to find werewolves. Werewolf team will try to disguise themselves and pretend to be on a villager team.

Participants will be divided to two teams: blue&red
As quest proceed, both team will find who is in which team.
The team that gets more than 3 points will win.

Try to find out who is your team mates from 25 spies!

We also prepare other games.If you have any board games, please feel free to bring it.
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We want people to make international relationship as much as possible.

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